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Freedom of Information Policy

What freedom of information means:

It refers to the unprotected public information which the HRC processes, regardless of the source, form or nature. Open data fall under public information. The process of providing public information to individuals for a fee is called freedom of information.

Who can request information:

Individuals have the right to access information related to the HRC’s activities to enhance integrity, transparency, and accountability.

  • Every individual has the right to access or obtain unprotected public information; and the applicant does not necessarily have a certain status or interest in this information to be able to obtain it; and is not subject to any legal accountability related to this right.
  • All the requests for access to information are treated equally and in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Any restrictions on requesting access or obtaining protected information received, produced, or managed by the HRC shall be justified in a clear and explicit manner.
  • All the requests for access to information are treated equally and in a non-discriminatory manner.

Requestable Information:

This policy applies to all requests to access unprotected public information produced or held by the HRC, regardless of the source, form or nature; in order to improve performance, efficiency, and use of information.

  • This policy does not apply to protected information, including the following:
  • Information that, if disclosed, may harm the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national security, policies, interests or rights.
  • Military and security information.
  • Documents and information obtained in agreement with another state and classified as protected.
  • Inquiries, investigations, checks, inspections and monitoring in respect of a crime or violation.
  • Information that includes recommendations, suggestions or consultations for issuing governmental legislation or decision not issued yet.
  • Commercial, industrial, financial or economic information that, if disclosed, may result in gaining profits or avoiding losses in an illegitimate manner.
  • Scientific or technological research, or rights including intellectual property rights that, if disclosed, may result in the infringement of an incorporeal right.
  • Tender and bidding Information that, if disclosed, may give rise to violation of fair competition.

Policy Statement:

  • The request shall be in writing or electronically.
  • The request shall be filled out in the “Public Information Request Form” approved by the HRC.
  • The request shall be for the purpose of accessing or obtaining public information.
  • The request shall be sent directly to the HRC

The main steps for the request to access public information:

  • Applications shall be submitted by filling out a “Public Information Request Form” – electronic or paper format – and submitting it to the HRC.
  • Within 30 days of the receipt of the request to access or obtain public information, the HRC shall take one of the following steps:
    1. Grant: If the HRC grants a request to access or obtain information in whole or in part, the applicant shall be advised in writing or electronically of the applicable fees, and the HRC shall make this information available to the applicant within 10 days of the receipt of payment. It is notable that requested non-open public information is provided for a fee.
    2. Denial: If the request to access or obtain information is denied, the rejection decision shall be communicated in writing or electronically, and shall include the following information: Whether the request has been denied in whole or in part; The basis for denial, if applicable; Notice of the right to appeal such denial, including the manner in which the appeal can be made.
    3. Notice: If the requested information is available on the HRC website, or is not within its competence, the individual requesting the information shall be notified in writing or electronically, including the following information: The type of notice, for example, the required data is available on the HRC website, or is not within its jurisdiction.
  • If the applicant wants to appeal a denial by the HRC, they can submit a written or electronic notice of appeal to the HRC Office within 10 workdays of receiving the HRC decision. The Grievances Committee of the Information and Privacy Management Office shall review the application, make the appropriate decision, and notify the applicant of the review fees and the appeal decision.

Relevant legislation

National Data Stratgyies National data governance policies (issued by SDAIA): Saudi Data & AI Authority the main principles and general rules for the protection of personal data, and for data sharing National Data Management Office , National Information Center

To contact the privacy and data team:

by email: dmo@hrc.gov.sa

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Last Modified 08 January 2023
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